Real Estate:

Real Estate law in Louisiana is very complicated area of law, and mineral law is more complicated than real estate law. Bethard & Bethard, L.L.P., opened in 1922 specializing in real estate law and mineral law. Nearly 100 years later the firm still specializes in real estate law and mineral law. Some of the real estate matters handled by Bethard & Bethard, L.L.P., are:



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A closing is the process where a seller and a buyer get together to close a deal, such as the purchase of a house or land. At the closing, a Closing Agent (typically an attorney) will:

1.            Examine the title to the property to determine if there are any unwanted or unknown liens, or if there are other title problems.

2.            Prepare the documents necessary to transfer the property.

3.            Officiate the closing to ensure all the appropriate signatures are obtained.

4.            Handle the funds using an escrow account.

5.            File the necessary documents at the Clerk’s Office.

6.            Issue Title Insurance.


Title Insurance/ Title Opinions:

Henry W. Bethard, V, is a Louisiana certified insurance agent for First American Title Insurance Company of Louisiana. Title Insurance is a form of indemnity insurance which insures against financial loss from defects in title to real property and from the invalidity or unenforceability of mortgage loans. Almost every bank or mortgage company will require a title insurance policy when closing a loan where land or a house is collateral for the loan.

When Title Insurance is not available, such as for mineral titles, Bethard & Bethard, L.L.P., has been issuing mineral title opinions for almost 100 years. Henry W. Bethard, Jr., moved to Coushatta and opened the firm in 1922 because of the mineral activity going on in the then booming Bull Bayou field in Red River Parish. We still examine mineral titles and issue mineral title opinions today.

If you have a question about title insurance or title opinions, please call Bethard & Bethard, L.L.P. today.


Other real estate matters we specialize in:


-Property Transfers

-Mineral Sales

-Land/Mineral Negotiations


-Buy/Sell Contracts


-Rights of Habitation



-Abandoned Property




-Owner Financing Deeds



-Right-Of-Way (Servitude)