We provide resolution and peace of mind for real estate closings.

We are ALTA Best Practices certified. We provide resolution and peace of mind for real estate closings.

When closing on a real estate transaction, either as the buyer or seller, people understand that they need to find a good realtor to assist with the process. However, a buyer or seller might not think to enlist the services of a knowledgeable lawyer. With skilled legal representation, clients can ensure that their interests are protected, and know that any foreseeable pitfalls have been avoided.

At Bethard & Bethard, LLP, we offer decades of experience in all aspects of property law. With offices in Shreveport and Coushatta, we represent buyers and sellers throughout Louisiana. Our attorneys have represented clients in closings for all types of real estate, from single-family homes to businesses to 1,000-plus acreage property tracts. Since establishing our firm in 1922, we have built a solid reputation, particularly for large land tracts and rural property which often has an entirely different set of problems or issues than residential property.

Comprehensive Representation In All Property Law Matters

Our legal team has the knowledge and skill to effectively handle purchases, sales and other property issues. This includes services for the following:

  • Purchase or sales agreements, buy and sell contracts — we can draft, review or negotiate as needed
  • Transactions involving title insurance — we are title insurance agents
  • Title examinations — we can check titles for liens, ownership issues and other matters that need to be cleared
  • Lending issues — we work with several local and national banks and lending institutions, and we are ALTA Best Practices certified, proving that our firm is competent and capable of handling your transactions and closings.
  • Real estate closings — we can represent the buyer or seller in reviewing documents and filing necessary paperwork
  • Property rights and issues, such as:
    • property ownership
    • property located on a river
    • boundary issues such as overlapping surveys
    • property ownership separate from mineral ownership (surface rights and mineral rights)
    • usufructs and naked ownership
    • small undivided interest in small and large tracts and residential properties
    • many more
  • Trespassing, possession and squatters’ rights
  • Family property and inheritance issues
  • Tax sale properties

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Our in-depth knowledge of all things related to Louisiana property law allows us to provide the best possible representation for any legal matter. We provide in-depth title examinations, often going back 30 years, 60 years, or in some situations, back to patent (from the State of Louisiana or from the United States), to help avoid future problems with the property. We are dedicated to providing quality services at a very reasonable price.

No matter how minor your property matter may seem, it never hurts to have legal peace of mind. To discuss your closing or other property issue with one of our attorneys, call 800-828-1898. Or you can send an online message.


Mineral law can be complex – we can help.

Louisiana’s mineral laws are some of the most confusing in the country. For example, in almost every state you are able to obtain ownership of minerals, but in Louisiana, you only own the right to extract the minerals. As a landowner or mineral owner, it can be frustrating trying to understand the laws and your rights. Luckily, you don’t have to jump into the legal process alone.
At Bethard & Bethard, LLP, we have the ability to assist you with all mineral law matters. With offices in Shreveport and Coushatta, we have been representing the interests of landowners and mineral owners in Red River Parish and the surrounding areas since 1922.

Legal Services For All Mineral, Oil And Gas Law Issues

With extensive knowledge and experience, our attorneys can help clients at every stage of their mineral rights issues. This includes quality representation for the following:

  • Oil and gas lease negotiation
  • Negotiation and litigation related to pipeline rights of way, surface operations, roads and well pads
  • Lignite lease negotiations
  • Lawsuits against gas companies for a vast range of issues, including unpaid royalties, violations of mineral leases, termination of leases, and many other issues
  • Mineral servitude
  • Mineral transfers and reservations
  • Mineral title opinions
  • Simple or complex mineral questions, issues, and research

Whenever possible, we will try to resolve your legal matter outside of litigation, which is often a more cost-effective and beneficial solution to all involved parties. However, if we are unable to reach a favorable outcome, our lawyers will use their in-depth knowledge and expertise of mineral law to represent you in court.
Don’t Wait To Obtain Quality Representation

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No matter what stage of the legal process you are entering into, our firm is prepared to offer knowledgeable advice, skilled guidance and strong representation. Contact us at 800-828-1898 or send us an online message.