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Since 1922, Bethard & Bethard, LLP, has been providing quality legal services to individuals, families, small businesses and landowners. With offices in Coushatta and Shreveport, Louisiana, our firm represents clients in Northwest Louisiana, all of the surrounding parishes and several other parishes throughout Louisiana.

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Comprehensive Services For Your Ongoing Legal Needs

In addition to specializing in complex areas of law such as property law, mineral law and large and small transactions, our attorneys also provide legal services in other areas. Click below for a complete list of our Areas of Practice.

Areas of Practice

Property Law

We provide resolution and peace of mind for real estate closings.

Mineral Law

Mineral law can be complex – we can help


Louisiana estate and succession laws can be particularly tricky to navigate – we are experts in ensuring that property and assets are distributed fairly and in a timely fashion.


We provide the insight and advice needed to make wise decisions about donating property to family members or organizations.


Creating a will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. While larger companies just fill out a form, we offer personalized wills, simple or complex, to perfectly fit your needs.

Estate Planning

We map out individualized estate and asset plans for our clients, tailored specifically toward their unique goals. Whether the concerns are the perpetuation of family assets, care of loved ones, or tax considerations, we work with clients to find arrangements that give them comfort and security.


Decades of Experience and Superior Client Relations

Many lawyers claim to be experts in property and mineral law, but very few can back these claims with decades of experience. Our firm has been representing clients with a wide range of property, mineral law, and other legal issues since 1922, which provides our legal team with in-depth knowledge and experience.

Additionally, we are painstakingly thorough with our property and mineral research, as well as real estate title investigation and review of closing documents. Thanks to our due diligence, we often uncover problems that other law firms might miss.

We focus on direct communication with our clients, providing expert advice, and finding practical solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. Personal service and accessibility is our top priority.